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Saxy Conducts Botti

Chris Botti - Rehearsal - April 1 2011.jpg

If you look closely at this photo, you can faintly see "Bjorn" way back in the distance near the exit.  Just seconds after this photo was taken "Bjorn" (the evil nemesis and outcast of The Svens) ran down the aisle, jumped on the stage and tackled Saxy, all the while shouting something like "Nej trumpeta, Nej trumpeta!!!" - Botti quickly pummled Bjorn over the head with his treasured "Committee" horn (no damage done to his horn fortunately).  In his haste to rush off, Bjorn's pants fell to his knees causing him to trip.  The orchestra and the entire Botti band laughed their asses off.

Bjorn sent an apology, claiming he was only trying to protect the reputation of The Svens. No official comment from The Svens or Saxy as of yet, but this type of behavior is exactly why Bjorn was kicked out of the band.  He's clearly not a Sven.

For another version of how this event actually went, read more about the Chris Botti concert in Corvallis, Oregon!